What are CVC Words?


CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) are used to consolidate children's letter/sound knowledge and to give them practise at manipulating and combining sounds. The focus should be on hearing and sounding out each of the three sounds in CVC words. Find a complete list of CVC words here.




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    CVC Worksheets


  • Printable CVC word worksheets.





    CVC Booklets


  • Printable CVC booklets. Created your very own library of books!




    CVC Word List


  • Find a list of CVC words.






































    CVC Word Wheels


  • Printable CVC word wheels. Cut out the two wheels and the letter window. Join them through their centre points with a drawing pin.


    CVC Activities


  • Explore a whole range of fun activities with a CVC word focus.